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Comment from: cross member
cross member

If they get found gilty? How about when they get found gilty! I dont
think anyone in that county has enough money to bail them out…. Some
might think they do. I cant wait to see who else the Knight and shining
armors, a.k.a the F.B.I comes in and gets next. Those morans had it
coming. There is too much corruption that has gone on for far to long
and its time for it to end. I think the F.B.I would also learn a lot if
they would probe the sheriff’s office. I find it kinda humorous, but
not so much shocking to think that it took the F.B.I to investigate and
have to come in there and arrest them insted of the “Good ol’ Boys” at
the DCSO.

10/25/08 @ 11:46
Comment from: Sheila

Dear Friend,
Has “innocent until proven guilty” truly lost its value? I agree that
corruption, in all forms, is wide-spread. Hastily stating an opinion
when you have no real understanding of the circumstances is also
overrated. “Knights in Shining Armor?” I sincerely hope your knights
never show up at your door based on the words of someone who begrudges
you because you chose NOT to do things as THEY wanted. Never would I
desire for anyone’s family to face unscrupulous behavior under the
pretense of Justice. What you find humorous is causing real sorrow and
pain to those who are caught in the crossfire. Whether friend or
family, I do not condone wrong-doing. But I will not succumb and be
silenced when I know “justice” is not the priority. A little wisdom and
compassion would be appreciated. I respect your right to an opinion.
And it’s okay to agree-to-disagree. I just want you to remember that
there is ALWAYS pieces of the puzzle hidden from view.

10/25/08 @ 18:48
Comment from: cross member
cross member

Sheila, I would not have made a comment in reference to the above
story if I didnt know anything about the people who have been charged
then I would not have said anything. I lived in dixie county for too
long and moved as soon as I got the chance. Dont get me wrong I’m not
saying that Dixie County is a bad place. Every where you go you will
find corruption and wrong doing, on the other hand it is far worse when
it is going on in a small town because every one know about it. The
problem is “THE GOOD OL BOY SYSTEM” It is alive and well in Dixie
County and it is one of the many problems that town has. I do believe
in the Innocent untill proven guilt, but that is no excuse for being in
denial. The worst thing you can do for someone if they are family is
throw them a teddy bear evry time they do something wrong. That has
never fixed anything. And as for my KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOR, I dont
break the law, so i’m not to concerned about the F.B.I beating my door

10/26/08 @ 14:34
Comment from: Sheila

Dear Cross Member,
I know, as I knew from the beginning, that I can’t continually comment
and express my opinion to each person who states theirs. It’s a
never-ending-circle because everyone has differing views, depending on
the circumstances. I confess, it’s easy to get caught up in emotional
bondage because one feels they must make known their own analysis of
the situation. In retrospection, I should have let your comments go. If
but for the children in this scenario, I would have. I just want you to
know, person to person, when you make remarks such as, “Those morons
had it coming” and “I find it kind of humorous…"- you’re not expressing
a constructive or informative judgment. You’re adding to the pain of
those caught in the middle- and to the unconscious mentality of the
collective. No teddy bears are being thrown- and denial is a luxury I
do not possess. Without intending sarcasm, though the title “knights in
shining armor” is befitting for so many of our Law Enforcement
Officials all over the world- who serve and protect with a sincere
heart, it just simply is NOT always the case. The latter doesn’t need
you to actually break the law to show up at your door. I also have
knowledge of an individual in this developing story, as well. There are
layers upon layers of agendas which have nothing to do with the
unveiling of justice. I’ll leave you to your points of view and ask
that we respectfully agree to disagree, as I previously implied.
Genuinely, the old adage, “It’ll all come out in the wash,” is what I’m
counting on. With my Sincere regard.

10/27/08 @ 15:57
Comment from: Direct05

I too agree with Crossmember. The “Good Ol’ Boy” way is in full
effect in that area. Growing up in the area, I fully understand that if
you are not related to somebody then you are a nobody. Simple as that.
And for the comment of having respect for the ones caught in the
middle, I certainly do, only for the children, but for the men who
knowingly commited these crimes, the guilt is on them. They should have
thought about their kids and family. But no one was complaining when
their hair and nails were getting done, or when vacations were being
taken or new cars being bought. I am working night and day trying to
support my family by obiding the law, and this absolutely disgusts me,
the FBI doesn’t just go to anyones door and arrest them. So come on……….
Seriously, they had it comming and this is just the first group of the
entire Tri-county area “Good ol’ Boy” system to go and I hope it isn’t
the last.

10/28/08 @ 18:50
Comment from: cross member
cross member

Thankyou to whoever the person is above for what you wrote. I guess
you have to be someone on the outside looking in insted of someone on
the inside looking out to be truthful to the corruption currently
taking place. Maybe I started off on the wrong foot and made comments
that I should not have made in previos comments, maybe I didnt… (from a
christian standpoint) I think that far to many people use kids as a
crutch for bad behavior when put in these kind of pradicaments. Not
just in Dixie County but all over the world. Like the person said in
the comment above mine, the people involved should have thought about
what is best for family. Wether anyone wants to be honest and take
responsibility doesnt change the fact that actions need to be taken to
stop corruption and bad decision making. Also, I do think that people
in their possition, that know the difference between right and wrong
and that have the responsibilities that they do, are morans for doing
what they did. I think it is a very informative and constructive way to
describe the decision making that took place. Society in general, in
this day in time, has made it a very bad habbit to sugar coat bad ideas
and bad decisions, and be acceptive to wrong doing. To agree with the
person above, a town that should have so much unity, has none, unless
you have a certain last name. To give you a better understanding as to
why I shun such irresponsible behavior and law breaking decisions, is
because I currently work in law enforcement. And I agree with you
sheila, It will all come out in the wash, hopefully they will all be
wearing clean underwear when the F.B.I comes back for them.

10/30/08 @ 08:44